Joe Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience as it's called, will soon be finding a new home. The podcast host has become a giant in the industry, and he does it all independently. He's built a reputation on reliable, honest, and informed conversations whether it be with a fellow comedian or an expert in a field he knows nothing about-- he somehow always seems to know enough to keep the conversation engaging. 

Now, with 8.41 million YouTube subscribers, Joe Rogan has made a big announcement. The comedian and host will be bringing his respected podcast to the Spotify, starting on September 1 2020. Rogan dropped off a little clip especially for the announcement, maintaining that the podcast itself will not change-- he is not working for Spotify, and he will retain full control over JRE. However he has entered in an exclusive multi-year agreement with Spotify, for them to be able to host the podcast.

The video aspect of the Joe Rogan Experience will remain intact as well, as Spotify confirms you will still be able to access his videos. Everything will remain free and accessible.

Check out Joe Rogan's quick announcement on the news below. 

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