While Joe Rogan isn't the first observer to comment on the insensitivity displayed in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective's  - but he might end up the public figure pushing back the tide, the whole way over.

Let me refresh your memory; Ace Ventura played by Jim Carrey rinses his mouth with an entire of Crest after realizing he'd kissed a transgendered woman who'd undergone a transition - the other men who'd also kissed "Lois" follow suit, puking and rinsing their mouths in the same manner. In relativist terms, the film stands its ground, otherwise.. not so much.

Joe Rogan came to the realization recently, after sitting down with his two young daughters to watch the film, having not seen in years. "I didn't realize how transphobic that f*cking movie is," Rogan says with New York Times reporter Bari Weiss his guest, on the most recent episode of his podcast. "It's off the charts!"

And though Weiss agrees with Rogan in principle, the New York Times reporter doesn't deem it necessary to force iTunes, or any streaming platform currently housing the 1994 film, to pull it off the shelves. "When I saw that movie, I was 10. Transphobia was not a thing. Now it is a thing. That's good. That's good news," she tells Rogan while affirming that films like Ace Ventura should remain "seeded" as placeholders for time, or in layman's terms: as a reminder of the full extent of social progression.