Joe Rogan is one of the most popular media personalities in the world, and many have come to appreciate his unapologetic and no-nonsense demeanor. In that sense, his patience for the ever-volatile world of politics is virtually non-existent, especially when it comes to the more hypocritical behavior perpetuated by certain leading media outlets. As such, he's been a vocal critic of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though some have come to theorize that Rogan actually skews Republican. 

Joe Rogan

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

During yesterday's End Of The World #2 stream, Joe actually came forward to reveal which candidate received his vote -- and no, it wasn't Kanye West. In a shocking display of Joe loyalty, Rogan reveals that he actually cast his vote for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian party's official presidential nominee. "I voted Libertarian," reveals Joe, dropping the bombshell around the three-hour-and-nineteen-minute mark. "I voted Jo Jorgensen. I knew she didn't have a shot. Legalizing drugs. I knew California was going to Biden no matter what and I couldn't. I was looking at the whole thing like 'what is this?' I felt, the whole thing is just--" He shakes his head in disgust, a sentiment no doubt shared by millions of weary Americans.

Rogan continues to express his annoyance with the entire election process, deeming the polls to be answered exclusively by "morons." When Kyle Kulinski suggests that 2018's mid-term outcome may have been a moment of early foreshadowing, Rogan claims that it's a "small fraction" compared to the Presidential election. "It's a gigantic difference. The ramping up of the Joe Biden shit over the last few months is ridiculous. The media is ignoring all his gaffes, ignoring all the corruption, ignoring all the Hunter Biden emails. Ignoring the shit with Twitter, where Twitter banned the New York Post. That stuff was bad. Nobody thinks that's a good thing."

Check out Joe's frustrated take on the current political climate below, and be sure to check out the complete End Of The World special below.