Anthony Bourdain passed away a year ago today, to the surprise of many, after taking his own life. The famous chef and TV personality was 61 years old when he hanged himself. As details came to light following his death, it was revealed that he did suffer from depression, while there were no narcotics in his system at the time he died. 

In reflecting on Bourdain today, Rogan expressed his admiration for Bourdain, and equally, his regret that he wasn't able to help Bourdain through whatever he was dealing with at the time. "I really admired Bourdain, and I couldn’t imagine that a guy like him would ever get to the point where he would want to take his own life. I just thought he was one of the coolest people alive and that his perspective and insight would navigate him through the most difficult of waters that many people encounter in life," Rogan wrote, before adding: "To this day I’ll think about him and wonder if I could have steered him into a better place if I was around during his last day."

In the image of the post, Rogan shared a piece of original artwork that hangs on the wall at this podcast studio, serving as a constant reminder of Bourdain.

Check out his IG post below.