Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan called out "bizarre filters" by posting an image of himself as a woman. He says this type of photo editing distorts "young women's expectations of beauty."

Joe Rogan, Instagram FiltersDylan Buell / Getty Images

"If you wanna know how fucked we are and how bizarre filters are and how distorted young women’s expectations of beauty are, I present you this picture. This IS ME," he wrote in the caption. "My 10-year-old daughter is laughing hysterically because she took a picture of my ugly chimp face making kissy lips and ran it through some satanic filter designed to steal women’s self-esteem through pure deception and fuckery, and this is the result.

"Protect yourself, my friends. The internet is trying to rob you of your happiness."

Rogan then posted the unedited version of the picture without, what he calls the "satanic filter." He's not only himself, but is also making a ridiculous expression.

The podcaster also updated fans on his new studio, which is located in Texas. "Texas JRE studio set up has begun!" he wrote. Rogan's podcast has been been in California until this point.

Check out both the edited and unedited versions of Rogan's picture below.