Since last year, we've all been waiting for Kanye West to appear on Joe Rogan's podcast. The two have spoken on the phone and both sides confirmed that it would eventually happen. The most recent update in the ongoing saga had Rogan implying to his live audience that the whole thing was cancelled. Although things did not go sour between the podcast host and the eccentric artist, Rogan doesn't know if his platform is appropriate for what West would bring to the table. He's absolutely open to the idea of hosting him but for the time being, it feels like an episode with Kanye is not as imminent as it once seemed. During a recent chat with Michael Yo, Rogan brought up the topic again, giving yet another vague update on the status of his Kanye West interview.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Last month, it was reported that Kanye West's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience was likely cancelled. Rogan pushed those rumors to the side by giving somewhat of a clearer response when Michael Yo asked if it was still in the cards, saying that he's no longer actively trying to get West on the show. "I would if he wants to do it," said Rogan in reference to his episode with Kanye. "I don't wanna put any pressure on anybody. And I don't necessarily know that podcasts are the best place for someone... for everybody. They might not be the best place to just talk about shit. Maybe it's better to just do music."

At this point, Kanye is going to have to make the next move if we ever want to see him on the show.