"You had fucking CM Punk fight! This guy's way better than him."

Those were Joe Rogan's comments during a recent episode of "The Joe Rogan Podcast," in which the UFC commentator/comedian talked about Dana White shutting the door on Logan Paul ever fighting in the UFC.

Rogan wasn't necessarily campaigning for White to put Paul on a UFC card, but he was clearly impressed with his striking skills and wrestling background. Paul, who recently fought to a draw in an amateur boxing match, has entertained the possibility of fighting in the UFC but White says he'd get badly hurt in the octagon. Furthermore, White says he should be arrested if he let that dude fight in the UFC.

“That guy would get murdered here,” White told reporters (H/T MMAjunkie). “He would get hurt badly. Hurt badly. If I ever let him fight in the UFC I should be arrested.”

Although Rogan believes the Youtube celebrity is a way better fighter than CM Punk, White had previously issued a statement about people who think he should let Paul fight simply because CM Punk got an opportunity. 

“Everyone is going to go, ‘You let CM Punk fight in the UFC,'” White said. “Hey, no hate for the kid. Good for him. Look at the business that guy has built on YouTube. Look at the numbers of viewers they did on YouTube. They did 800,000 at $10 bucks for two guys that fight fans have never heard of, I guess you would say. He did great business for himself and good for him. Awesome. But trust me. Don’t play around over here. You will get hurt.

“Everybody always talks about CM Punk. CM Punk is one of the greatest guys you could ever meet. He’s a super good guy, he’s very passionate about the sport and he put his reputation and everything on the line to come fight here and I respect him for it. Obviously it didn’t work out for him, but he’s got a lot of heart and a lot of balls to do that.”