Each episode of the Joe Rogan Experience is entertaining for different reasons. Usually, you can expect a learning experience from Rogan's wide array of guests. If not, you can certainly anticipate a good laugh or two. Closing out last week, Rogan brought on Bryan Callen to chat for three hours about a myriad of topics but when they started discussing face tattoos at the 2:20:00 mark, things truly got interesting.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

The two began speaking about tattoos in general when Joe Rogan questioned if anyone has ever gotten a penis tattoo. They discussed that for a moment before bringing up the topic of face tats with Post Malone as a focus. Clearly, Rogan is a fan of the man's music but his face tattoos don't put a smile on his face. "Post Malone in the 1970s, they would just lock him in jail, there's something wrong with this kid. Why are you drawing on your face?" asked the comedian. Callen chimed in by saying his facial markings are the "dumbest craziest shit" he's ever seen in his life. "'Always Tired' on his face... great musician though. Really talented guy but, like, hey, cut that out," added Rogan.

The duo goes on to discuss penis tattoos in grander detail directly afterwards before discussing social media's censorship of Jason Derulo's bulge in recent weeks. They also speak about the size of The Game's member in case anybody is looking for that...