Joe Rogan is back at it again, pushing dangerous conspiracy theories pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, the self-described "fucking moron" encouraged young, healthy people to not get the vaccine, using his major podcast platform to share his take. He later walked back those comments by belittling himself, and then caught COVID a few weeks later. Now, the UFC commentator is back, making headlines after suggesting that President Joe Biden pretended to get a booster shot on live television this week, pushing a theory that he wasn't actually injected with Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

Speaking with guest Mike Baker on the September 30 episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan suggested that Biden didn't get a real booster shot, and Baker compared the act of getting vaccinated on television to "performance art." Then, Rogan shared a bunch of theories he has on why Biden didn't get the actual booster.

Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

"I think if they were gonna give him a booster shot, the last thing they would do is give it to him live on television," said Rogan. "What if he dies? What if he blacks out? What if he, like, gets it and faints? Because people have had very bad reactions, like, in the moment for whatever reason."

Rogan is facing a lot of backlash for these comments, but they shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. At this point, Rogan has proven himself to be a pretty terrible person to turn to for COVID information

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