Joe Rogan's vendetta against Saturday Night Live continued this week when he spoke with short-lived SNL contributor Shane Gillis. After making comments about the overly-woke atmosphere around the show a few months ago, the host of the Joe Rogan Podcast took an alternative angle to attack the show, this time calling it "a den of thieves." Rogan was referring to the show's writers and comedians habit of stealing material and jokes, which was corroborated by Gillis who worked on the show for only a four-day period.

"You hear Jim Breuer’s account of the climate in that place and it’s horrific," Rogan starts, referencing his own interview with Breuer, an SNL cast member in the 90s. "They’re all stealing from writers, they’re stealing from performers. If you’re a writer and you submit your packages, the higher-up writers will steal your shit, according to Breuer," Rogan said. The host continued to describe the process by which the show steals material: "If you submit a package, they own that package, even if they don’t hire you. So if you have some great premises, they decide they’re just going to take your premises and not hire you, they own all those bits.”

Gillis corroborated the accusations and echoed Breuer's claims that cast members would take content from each other or those who would send in ideas. Gillis was fired from SNL 2019 after working there for just four days after a video surfaced of the comedian using racial slurs. 

There has been no response from the show, and there probably won't be. Check out the full episode with Gillis and Rogan below, or stream the clip in particular about SNL.