Home Alone is one of the classic films that has reached iconic cultural status. In that sense, every actor who held it down accordingly can officially fall back on the Home Alone safety net if and when the occasion calls for it. We've already seen Macaulay Culkin reprise the role of Kevin McAllister for a recent Google Assistant commercial, which found him once again enjoying the benefits of an unsupervised evening. Now, legendary Joe Pesci has decided to get in on the action, lending his own talents to a new Google Assistant commercial, albeit as himself.

In the clip, Pesci, who played one-half of the wet/sticky bandits in the film, is hosting a get-together of sorts. When the Home Alone Again commercial comes on, Pesci calls attention to the television. Clearly excited to watch it unfold, Pesci provides a commentary of sorts, going so far as to silence the crowd for his single line delivery. "I nailed it," reflects Pesci, upon hearing his handiwork. "I did. I nailed it."