Fans were surprised to hear a different version of "Big Rich Town" during the season premiere of Power last weekend. After enjoying R&B icon Joe on the track for years, he was seemingly replaced by Trey Songz in a shocking move for the final season. 50 Cent has made countless comments on the switch and, although it would appear as though he plans on bringing Joe back for all upcoming episodes, each person involved is having some fun with this.

Earlier today, 50 Cent shared a vicious meme that shows Joe sulking as he wonders why his version of the song was cut. Now, Joe is taking some shots of his own, uploading a video to his social profiles that shows a woman listening to the Trigga Trey version before pulling the vinyl out of the record player and smashing into millions of little pieces.

"Damn! Who sent me this?! Too funny," wrote the singer, again remaining classy. Joe could easily have chosen to be petty about this but he's keeping his cool, joking alongside the rest of the internet and letting time pass by. He appears to be confident that he'll be back on the theme song soon.

Many are saying it's time to put some respect on Joe's name. Do you prefer "Big Rich Town" with him or will you live with the Trey Songz version?