Over the last few decades, the Cincinnati Bengals have had their fair share of problems. They have struggled to win playoff games and these last few seasons have seen the team sink to the bottom of the NFL standings. Luckily, the team was able to get Joe Burrow last season, who proved to be quite good in the few games he did play. However, one thing that many fans noticed is the team's jerseys, which aren't very good compared to the rest of the league.

The franchise heard all of those comments and they decided to change things up this season as a way to give back to the fans, all while fixing the team's image. Today, the team unveiled the jerseys on social media, and players like Burrow were front and center as part of the whole reveal.

Cincinnati Bengals

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

In the tweets below, you can see that the Bengals have three new jerseys. There is a black uniform, an orange jersey, and then a white offering that features clean black lines as the stripes. These are a huge step up from what the team had before and fans are already demonstrating their joy for the new look. In fact, the jerseys can be bought right now, so if you're a Bengals fan, make sure to get yours now.

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