First the rumours started that Joe Budden would possibly be axed from the upcoming season of Everyday Struggle when DJ Whoo Kid took over his hosting duties on a recent episode. They cited his "3 day old child" as the reason why he wasn't running the segment where Joe tweeted that it was actually due to "internal chaos." 

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg confirmed the speculations in one tweet explaining how "disappointed" he is, followed by an official statement from Complex that reads, "Joe Budden is not continuing as a host on Everyday Struggle in 2018. The show will be back in the New Year with all new episodes and guests. We wish Joe all the best and thank him for a great 2017."

Once things became real, the Twitterverse was sent into a frenzy - that's seemingly still going strong - as many fans roasted Complex for "a huge fucking L" with Joyner Lucas tweeting, "everyday struggle is like no will smith on the fresh prince."

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