Joe Budden has officially become one of hip-hop's leading media commentators. While some may be hesitant to pay the retired rapper any mind, the fact remains that Joey has offered a consistently entertaining and generally nuanced batch of content on a regular basis. One of his main outlets is the Joe Budden Podcast, which recently became a Spotify exclusive drop. Now, with two weekly episodes on deck, Joe continues to fire off perspectives both solicited and otherwise. Today, Budden has offered some thoughts on Kanye West's recent resurgence Yhandi, which many expect to be a spiritual successor to Yeezus. 

"I don't think this version of Kanye is anywhere near the best version of Kanye," says Joe. "I don't think he produces the best version of his music anymore. I guess that's what I've been trying to say about Kanye." As Rory and Mal chime in with a few criticisms on Yeezy's recent work, Joe expands on what a genuine redemption arc might entail. "I need a streak of selfless acts from Kanye, that's how much damage I feel like he has done," says Joe. The trio do feel as if Yeezy's alleged return to Chicago is a step in the right direction, should it indeed stem from a genuine place. 

On the topic of Yhandi, Joe Budden speculates that Yeezy's prolific speed may ultimately be his downfall. "He's working on a lot of things fast," says Joe. "Fast food. Throne. Good Ass Job. Yhandi. A lotta n***s be moving like they in debt, to me. It doesn't make sense to be promoting three things at once."

Peep the full episode below.