Joe Budden found himself in some trouble over the weekend after Logic detailed how hurtful his comments were. “He’s a person who’s led to part of my depression, some of my darkest spaces," Logic admitted to Peter Rosenberg last week. "Bro, your words, they make people want to kill themselves, bro," he added.

While Joe initially joked about being "reverse bullied" by Logic's fans, he has since admitted that the No Pressure rapper shouldn't expect an apology from him anytime soon. Hopping on IG Live with Lupe Fiasco, Joe showed no sympathy towards Lupe's suggestion to make amends with Logic. "No, n***a. I'm doubling down as soon as I get in there," Joe told Lupe about apologizing to Logic. "I'm not apologizing, exactly what he said is exactly why I said what I said. He's pander king."

Joe bluntly stated that he's an advocate for mental health. However, he elaborated that he takes issue with Logic using his mental health as a talking point in his press run. "I'm not carrying the weight, burden, responsibility of any of these musicians' mental health. I think they all crazy. I'm serious, wasn't nobody reaching out to me when I was suicidal writing raps," Budden continued. "Ay Lupe, did you know the hip-hop we came up in? Think about how soft -- What are we talking about right now? Shut the fuck up with this lunacy." 

Despite this, Joe said that he will be calling Logic "tomorrow" on the next episode of the Joe Budden Podcast. Check out the clip below.