Over the past few weeks, Joe Budden seems to be in the headlines most every day, mostly due to his unorthodox beef with Drake, who has dissed Budden on one verse -- compared to Joey's four diss tracks. This past weekend, that beef led to a bizarre, hilarious, and viral incident that took place nearby Budden's residence. Two bold young Internet trolls, with allegiance to OVO, decided to show up at Budden's house and try to get some candid footage of him for social media. They likely didn't anticipate what ensued

Budden immediately lunged after them, though it seems they were able to get away in the nick of time. However, two more videos -- one taken by Budden, and one by the kids -- soon surfaced, and they both showed different perspectives of a car chase that ended with Budden swerving in front of the boys' car, getting out, and pummeling their vehicle with fistfuls of rocks while giving them a brutal tongue lashing. And it turns out that he wasn't done after that. 

Budden is the latest contestant on Complex's Hot Ones series, and he sat down to provide some hot takes while downing chicken wings that get increasingly hotter as the show goes on. Early in the segment, he says that the kids had hung around his house all day, before he decided to chase them down in his luxury automobile. He then reveals that he visited one of the juvenile's homes the next morning. When asked how he found out where that home was located, he suggested that he used the same means as the trolls had to discover his abode: "Because the Internet will tell you everything that you need to know about someone." 

He decided to visit this particular OVO savage at his house because he, too, has a teenage son, and "If my kid were behaving in a manner that would get his fucking head popped off," says Budden, "I surely would hope a parent would come tell me." He implies that he and the kid had a productive conversation, but the main lesson Budden conveyed to the young Twitter martyr is that he is now aware of where he sleeps at night.