Despite his (somewhat unfairly appointed) reputation as a curmudgeon, Joe Budden seems to feel a reluctant appreciation for the notorious 6ix9ine. "I kind of like the kid, man!" laughs Budden, before issuing a clarification. "I don't like him...but I do. I think he's misguided...This is his version of integrity." In a moment of trademark Budden honesty, he proceeds to acknowledge his own reckless past, citing the time he got punched in the face by a Wu-Tang affiliate. "I was Tekashi back then," he admits. "Last decade, I was the person who fully understood the internet, and the changings it had on the business, and the older people did not. Tekashi today is trolling...People are understanding that."

Citing Tekashi's recent Breakfast Club takeover, Budden reflects on an unsettling truth. "This kid is not as stupid as I maybe thought that he was at some point. And that reminded me of someone else who we all thought was really really stupid when they first came out. And I  said damn, why is Tekashi reminding me of 50 Cent? We damn sure thought 50 was kind of stupid when he first came out. Damn were we wrong."

Perhaps Joe's comparison holds weight. After The Joe Budden Podcast episode aired, Tekashi actually shared footage of himself and 50 Cent connecting over their own no-fucks-given demeanor. In fact, 50 actually went so far as to co-sign 6ix9ine's status as a fully fledged New York monarch. Perhaps the young rainbow haired rapper is truly destined for bigger and better things.

Check out the Joe Budden Podcast below for Joey's thoughts. 6ix9ine talk kicks off around the twenty-four minute mark.