DJ Akademiks fell into the role of a clairvoyant yesterday, in providing details pertaining to who and whatThe Game speaks on in the song leak that surfaced last week. Just to catch you up, footage from a listening session at The Game's reached the masses. In the video, The Game and his constituents can be seen nodding along to a song that makes reference to an alleged bedroom romp with Kim Kardashian.

Well, according to Akademik's Kim isn't the lone celeb The Game puts on blast (on that record). Believe it or not, actress Cyn Santana, who also happens to be Joe Budden's fiancée, ends up on the receiving end, as do countless other women. Even Akademik's was forced to admit, the record was done in poor taste, regardless of whether it makes the final cut.

And so it goes: Joe Budden received word in such a timely manner, that it allowed him the chance to touch on the issue with co-hosts Rory & Mal on the 218th episode of his eponymously-titled podcast. To start things off, Joe Budden gave his account of the longstanding animosity with The Game, which started way back - when they were both baby-faced rappers-in-trade.

From there, Joe Budden proceeded to audit every bit of The Game's character, persona, and values in an in-depth "character assassination," never once referring to him by his artist's moniker, but his given name of Jayceon.

"The more I sat and thought about this, the more I said to myself, 'n*gga, so what?' What type of loser, face-ass n***a is you, n***a?" Budden says emphatically during the episode. "I don't give two fucks about what anyone did before I was involved with them. To me, that's more loser shit." 

"You didn't say it to me. You said it in a song. And you can call me Game," Budden continued, before finding a simpler explanation for all the fuss. "You talking about my girl with a girl name. Watch your fucking mouth, man." 

The full-diatribe begins at the 1-hour mark of the podcast, which you can stream below. Although Joe Budden is all but prepared to use his fists in defense of his wife-to-be, the rapper-turned-podcaster thinks The Game is nothing more than a cheap shot artist - his rationale being: if The Game had a hot song in rotation he probably wouldn't resort to such lows.