Joe Budden may be soft-spoken but he's not afraid of a confrontation. We saw this when he approached Consequence the other week during a Hot 97 interview. 

Cons had made some comments about Joe, a fellow "Love & Hip-Hop" star, and when Joe saw Cons right before his own Hot 97 interview, he took the opportunity to ask him about it. Consequence attempted to back out of the situation, and didn't really address anything. Now the 1/4 of Slaughterhouse has spoke on their brief confrontation while talking to Sway on Shade 45.

"I gave him the opportunity to say anything that he or his wife needed to say to me," Joe said of approaching Consequence. "I've been hearing so much about that approach, people been calling me Dexter," Joe added. 

Is it possible we could have seen the two rappers take it to the next level that day? Joe says no.  "I wouldn't have taken it very far at all where we were. But I was prepared to take care of it."

When asked if the two are now cool, Joe said, "I mean, I don't invite him over for Spades or anything like that, but I would like to think that we have an understanding. But I mean, I thought that prior to that conversation. I always think everything is cool until I have to find out that things aren't cool via radio, via media, you know. Hopefully we won't have that issue."

Check out the video clip below.