UPDATE: Crooked I has since to Joe Budden, and his tone seems to insinuate some tension within the group. Check it out below, and read into what you will.

After KXNG Crooked posted a heartfelt Instagram post praising Slaughterhouse fans and despairing about the purgatorial state of Glass House, Joe Budden took to Everyday Struggle to address the state of the project. 

Budden explains that the album was recorded in 2012, along with the joint efforts of producers Just Blaze, AraabMuzik, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Illmind, & Cardiak. "I have this album on my computer, and I'll leak it," says Joe. "If they keep talking about this shit, I will leak it." You heard the man. 

However, Budden seemed concerned with the business side of the project, and explained that the majority of his questions surrounded the corporate side. "A lot of those questions, I have yet to receive the answer to," explains Joe. Unfortunately, there's no concrete conclusion about the album's fate, as Joe doesn't even know who officially owns the masters, or if every contributor was properly compensated. Still, this is the most in depth Budden has gone with regards to Glass House, so perhaps it's not entirely time to give up hope.

Check out the full video below. Slaughterhouse talk pops off around 55 seconds.