Joe Budden has famously had his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, but recently has been sober and is excited in embracing his sobriety and feels he will be an improved artist.  Apparently though, Joey had a slip up this summer and returned to his wild roots.  In an interview with Hot 97 to promote his upcoming appearance on “Love & Hip Hop”, Budden talks about his extensive drug use this summer, and why he reverted back to getting high. 

Giving a preview of sorts at the subject matter of the show, the Slaughterhouse rapper says he had to sit down with his mom and open up about his drug use this past summer, “Had to let mom dukes know I was poppin mollys all summer...I was poppin mollys smoking weed, all summer, I was a wild dude.”

That however was the past, and Joe says he’s back to being sober, which he is fully embracing, “Oh no nothing, I’m not doing that, back to Joe.” He says his drug use was brought on by all the commotion in his life, “I was probably a little overwhelmed at the was a hectic year last year...and ya, I did a lot of drugs.  They came out with some new drugs, I wanted to see what was going on.”

Budden has indeed kept busy and along with appearing on the reality show, his next solo LP No Love Lost is slated for a February 5th release.