Joe Budden has never been one to shy away from a confrontation. In fact, the outspoken host of The Joe Budden podcast has frequently stood his ground, whether it be against artists throwing dirt on his name, or rabble-rousers harassing him in the name of Drake loyalty. Now, the rapper has taken to his Instagram story to share a recent confrontation with an unnamed security guard, which seems to have popped off beside a hospital. While the video begins shooting in medias res, making it difficult to discern proper context, it seems likely that the situation escalated over a simple misunderstanding.

The security guard, who Budden dubs "Wypipo," seems to believe Budden is a patient in the hospital, and thus must not linger on the street. Budden, who is simply enjoying a cigarette, is having none of the man's tone, and stands his ground accordingly. Eventually, a supervisor-type enters the discussion, asking Budden if he has a wrist-band. Budden replies with an adamant "no," explaining that he was initially met with less-than-respectful energy. "Had this not been a hospital, something different might have happened," he says, while the security guard seethes. "Good thing it didn't," retorts the guard. "For you," says Joe, never one to miss out on the last word.

Be sure to check out the video of the confrontation below.