Last week, Waka Flocka made the shocking revelation that he was retiring from music, choosing to focus on his family for the foreseeable future. Many were surprised that he was trying to leave the game but his point made sense. It takes a lot for somebody to realize that they no longer want to contribute to the art form that was once their dream. Waka made millions and released several hit records. Now, he's satisfied with what he's been able to do and is backing out. Of course, the hosts of State of the Culture spoke about his departure from the game, congratulating him on making such a tough decision and offering their critiques.

Remy Ma started the talk, saying that she believes that Waka is probably thinking he has nothing left to deliver. Whatever the rapper's reason is for leaving, he did venture into EDM and other musical territories and certainly does have something to share with the world. "Because of his age, the things that he probably associates with hip-hop is not really for him no more," said Remy. 

Joe Budden got pretty passionate on the topic, likening it to his own retirement. He reiterates that he never wants to get back in the game, saying that Waka probably has had thoughts of retiring for a while. "He's probably been trying to figure out how to get the fuck out this game for quite some time." He then brings up Wale, who also recently stated that he may soon be releasing his last album.

In the same episode, the crew speaks about 6ix9ine's legal difficulties and the upcoming Netflix show "Rhythm & Flow."