Even if you're not too deep into battle rap, you're probably aware of the fact that Joe Budden lost his battle against Hollow Da Don at the Total Slaughter event this past weekend. Although Hollow had initially expressed a fear that the battle would be rigged against him, he came out on top after the audience started booing Joe.

It seemed the booing got the best of him, as the Slaughterhouse MC refused to rap amid the boos, eventually dropping his mic. Now, a few days removed from the battle rap, Joe spoke on the overall battle and what happened with all the booing.

During a conversation with Angry Fans Radio Joe expressed disappointment in the Total Slaughter event as a whole.

"I was a little disappointed," he said. "I thought that him [Hollow] and I both underwhelmed. I know that he feels the same. There were major microphone issues which left us both with a decision to make. Hollow, his voice is higher pitched than mine, so he went with the hands-free mic which enabled him to have an amazing performance even if we couldn’t really hear what he was saying. But, I felt my words were really important so I went with the mic that you had to hold in your hand which threw everything else off. Horrible performance which went to a horrible delivery. It went to everything. Really the only thing that was good were my words and that was it."

Budden also seemed confused as to why the crowd turned on him during the battle. "To be honest, I don’t know what happened," he said. "I don’t know what happened then. It just seemed like they were ready to boo. It didn’t get to me mentally at all, which is the thing," he continued. "In my profession, you don’t rap over boos. It’s like Rapper 101 to know that if you at a show and niggas is booing, ‘Ya’ll, go ahead and boo. I got paid already.’ I’m either gonna wait for ya’ll to stop or I’m getting the fuck outta here. But in battle rap it’s very different. You gotta deal with it. You gotta rap over it. You can’t let it look like it is affecting you. It wasn’t that I was mad they was booing. I don’t give a fuck about boos. But my thing in my head was, ‘My mic is already bad and I really do have some shit in this third if I could just get it out.’ I can’t fight a bad mic and a million people booing. But once you threaten people that are booing, they’re just gonna boo more. That’s exactly what happened."

Listen to the interview with Joe Budden below. You can watch the full battle here.