Joe Budden certainly seems confident in the new Slaughterhouse project. The New York wordsmith also made sure to stress that his feelings about the LP are sincere, realizing just how often "rappers say that" to promote their albums. 

"The Slaughterhouse album is great," Budden said in a recent interview with Hot 97. "It's much better than the shit we did last time. I won't call it shit. That was a figure of speech, but it's much better music. It's the best music we've ever made by far."

As far as features go, they didn't seem to be the primary focus for the group, though Joe did hint at one potential collaboration for the LP. "We got Action Bronson," he said. "I'll leave it there for now. I don't even know if that record is certain." 

The NY rapper later spoke of his respect for the rappers currently doing big things in the rap game, indicating that there is more pure skill in the mainstream than there has been in some time.

"I love where we are," he said. "People are rapping. People are performing. It feels like the eyes are on Hip Hop again. People are selling music...It would be hard to complain about Hip Hop right now...All the rappers at the top of the game are exceptional rappers. That hasn't always been the case...[Hip Hop's] led by people that rap exceptionally, not okay, not machine-driven, not gimmicks."

Budden then touched on his role in Love & Hip Hop, revealing that he attempts to bring a certain authenticity to the show, which some may feel it lacks.

"Somebody has to bring reality to it," he said, adding that the exposure is definitely good for him. "The female demographic is huge."

The Shady emcee added that while his last album did seem to experience a spike in success, it's hard to trace how much of the sales he can credit to the show.

"My last album did really, really, really, really well," he explained, "but to be able to gauge what effect the show had on that...I would assume the visibility always helps when you have 4 million people watching you weekly." 

Watch the full interview below.