Joe Budden's fallout with Rory and Mal has been well documented and discussed. Many, such as Charlamagne tha God and Kevin Hart, believe that Budden self-sabotaged himself and showed bad leadership skills. The bad blood doesn't seem to be at the point of malice anymore, and Rory and Mal did a hilarious skit highlighting some of the issues they felt revolved around the whole situation. 

Hindsight can be 20/20, and Budden is really trying to be positive after admitting his mistakes. On Saturday's episode of Budden's podcast, he glorified Rory and Mal. “I’ma just say it, I don’t even care,” he stated around the 26-minute point. “I’m happy for Rory and Mal. I don’t want to stay on them, but I’m only bringing it up because of what y’all just said about [Lil] Wayne. When you get your business together, how it could revitalize you.”

Budden continued, “When I was watching it, the video, and I’ma say it, ‘Oh man, these guys were unhappy here for a long time.’ I’m happy. I want them to do it. Take control. Go, go, go, go. I love that shit.” Budden, of course, is responding to the aforementioned sketch released by Rory and Mal.