Known for his opinionated takes on characters in the hip-hop world, Joe Budden took to the airwaves on Philly's Boom 103.9 to clear the air about his feelings concerning the awkward Migos interview he did for Complex.

Speaking with DJ Caesar, Budden said that he's "never seen a good Migos interview," and added that their lack of enthusiasm, as well as willingness to go with the flow, perturbed him enough to demonstrate his frustration in an unconventional way. He doesn't necessarily believe that there was real animosity between he and the Migos, but, as Joe put it, he's all about "principles."

Not quite sure if the mic drop and walk off was absolutely necessary, but at least Joe Budden now has the attention of other artists who come on his shows: be ready to go or don't show up at all.

Check out clips from that interview below.