If you missed it, there’s been a little feud happening between Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and “podcaster” Joe Budden over the past week. Budden didn't like the way Pete reported on XXXTentacion's death soon after his passing, and voiced his displeasure on his podcast last week. Budden said he didn't like that Peter instantly talked about X’s “troubling” past in the wake of his passing and felt it was in bad taste during a time of mourning. Well once Rosenberg heard that Budden again called him out his podcast, the Hot 97 personality went off on Joe, calling him everything from a “washed rapper” to having a “Buddenhive” fanbase that would use “emojis of  a cigarette, some timbalands and a syringe." Rosenberg would end his rant by saying "you're finished, just like your career, one song 15 years ago.” See Pete’s rant right here if you missed it.

Well since Peter denounced his friendship with Budden and went off on this rant, Joe was out enjoying his vacation and not worrying about petty arguments. However, Budden finally returned to work this week and finally gave fans the response they were waiting for. On Wednesday, Budden released his segment of this week’s podcast, where he responds to Peter’s outcry and rant, while also addressing his former co-worker DJ Akademiks as well.

Joe says he doesn't believe he needed to call Peter, and that the two aren't really friends. Budden also gave listeners some background to the situation, saying Rosenberg hasn't liked him [Joe] for a long time nor his relationship with Charlamagne Tha God. He also said Rosenberg holds resentment for Joe’s firing of Marisa Mendez on his podcast, and called Pete a very “sensitive guy.”

“Who the fuck are you to tell somebody they’re not an angel. Let me tell you this Peter Rosenberg the HYPOCRISY,” Joe says. “I feel you owe your entire career and hip hop to gentleman like XXX and gentleman like myself. Gentlemen you like to discredit because you feel inferior in your spot,” Joe said.

“I've watch you repeatedly suck my Mike Tyson’s dick on-air, off-air. You love Mike Tyson. ‘Hey guess what? me too.’ But I don’t hear you call him a convicted rapist to his face," Joe said. "Who the fuck are you to attempt to be on some moral type of high ground like you the ethics police. News flash Pete, don’t nobody need you to say whats right and whats wrong and whats agreeable.”

Check out the full response (below) where Joe also addresses Akademiks a bit too.