Logic and Joe Budden haven't exactly had the greatest relationship over the years. During his time on Everyday Struggle, Budden would acknowledge Logic's talent as a rapper, however, he wasn't a big fan of his content, and made sure to let people know about it. In more recent months, Budden has called Logic the worst rapper of all-time and even encouraged his upcoming retirement. In pure Budden fashion, he ultimately backtracked on these comments and wished Logic a happy retirement, while also explaining why his latest album simply doesn't appeal to him.

In a recent interview on Hot 97, Logic addressed Budden's criticism by noting that the podcaster/former rapper's words have put him in a bad state of depression. Logic also claimed that Budden's harsh language can lead some to be suicidal. Budden is a big mental health advocate, so Logic's claims certainly came as a surprise.

This morning, Joe responded to Logic on Twitter by saying "Logic is reverse bullying me." He also poked fun at the situation with some fans who had some jokes in his replies.

Moving forward, we will certainly be hearing Joe's full take on the situation on his next podcast. Budden has never shied away from controversy and with such a hefty claim coming from Logic, it's safe to say Budden will have plenty to say on the matter.