After Jay Electronica released his long-awaited debut album A Written Testimony, an album co-piloted by the legendary Jay-Z, Joe Budden wasted little time voicing his displeasure with the final product. It didn't take long for Jay Electronica to get wind of Budden's incendiary critique, and he proceeded to set off a heated Twitter exchange. Now, having had the weekend to reflect on the fallout, Budden addressed Electronica's words on The Joe Budden Podcast. 

"I'm not steaming over this Jay Elec thing," laughs Joe. "Jay Elec can diss me for the next five weeks on a fucking Hov collab mixtape again. I wouldn't feel bad." Eventually, he reiterates on a position he's taken for a minute now. "I'm not trying to know you n***as," he maintains. "I want to make my position clear. Very early on for me, I realized it was more valuable to be able to speak about you than to speak to you. I'm not trying to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of these n***as."
 Joe Budden Jay Electronica

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When he asked whether his critique was unfair, Mal reasons that it was not the words, but the delivery that left Jay rankled. "When you're yelling and you're cursing, what the fuck is that, what is this bullshit, that's when it takes away from what you're really saying," he says. Joe states that he expected Jay Electronica to be "holier" than resorting to back and forth tweeting, which prompts Mal to explain how many artists have a hard time separating "media Joe" from the rapper he once was. 

"I don't think I should be attacked for saying you not starting your own debut is off-putting to me," says Joe. "If you're going to produce and deliver and execute one of the greatest rap bodies of work ever published, Joe Budden is shutting the fuck up. There is nothing for Joe Budden to say because you have exhibited greatness...The disappointment here comes from expecting greatness, waiting for greatness, waiting for some shit for ten years and being underwhelmed."

Check out the full discussion below -- do you think expectation is the death of enjoyment?