Joe Budden once, in a turn that proved to be a moment of genuine foreshadowing, declared himself to be a network. Now, The Joe Budden Network is a genuine reality, having recently been announced as his next move post-Spotify. Seeing as his split from the streaming giant was riddled with frustration on Budden's part, with him publically declaring to have felt "undermined and undervalued," it seems fair to say that the breakup wasn't entirely amicable in nature. But Joe Budden has never been one to take himself too seriously, as evidenced by this amusing new ad for The Joe Budden Network.

Joe Budden

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

The clip features Rory, Mal, and Parks going about their respective days, engaging in a little bit of frivolous spending -- new clothes, some casual gambling, preparing for a feast, and so on. Who can really blame them, with all that Spotify money coming in? And though Budden's heart was set on some new home renovation, his dreams were swiftly shattered by some unfortunate news. "Listen, I just got off the phone with Spotify, it's not looking good," says a dejected Ian Schwartzman, Budden's manager. "Be careful with the spending."

As the gang proceeds to learn of the dark tidings, the dawning reality begins to set in -- with hilarious results. Clearly, the Joe Budden Podcast team has no intent on dwelling on the Spotify situation, and seem dedicated to ushering in the new Network with a refreshing bout of self-deprecation. Check out the ad now, and sound off -- are you excited for the Joe Budden Network?

Be Careful With The Spending...

— The JBP (@JoeBuddenPod) September 28, 2020