Joe Budden is currently on his "The Second First Impression" tour, and last night in Philly he spoke to HHS87 about his current projects. He discusses why he named his tour "The Second First Impression" and the importance of reconnecting with fans. "I did this run. Not this particular run, but just so long ago, gotta come out and be acquainted with people... Anytime you can get on the road in front of the fans, it's always fun and a totally different element."

As for his new album, No Love Lost, set to drop January 21st 2013, "Don't expect anything. Don't expect shit. Don't put me in whatever box. It's a great album." Budden then reveals three producers he's been working with: araabMUZIK, Cardiak, Beewirks.

On a more personal level, Budden also explains his decision to appear on "Love & Hip-Hop" by saying he doesn't have much to hide. On that note, he also gave relationship advice, advising to keep sex out of the bed and confirming his girlfriend is bisexual. He ends with his favourite sneaker of all time and advice to newcomers. 

Before No Love Lost drops, fans will be getting a mixtape from Budden,A Loose Quarter, which drops on Black Friday.

Check it out the interview below.