When Joe Budden first landed a gig as a co-host of Complex' Everyday Struggle, many were curious about where the rapper-turned-media-personality was headed. Fans familiar with Joe's brand were doubtless aware of his eponymous podcast, but seeing him trading insight with Akademiks and Nadeska was a different, though no less entertaining beast altogether. Sadly, Budden's tenure on Everyday Struggle came to an unfortunate end, as he failed to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal with the powers that be. Upon parting ways with the show, Budden found himself heading into 2018 unemployed.

Now, as yet another new year stands on the horizon, Budden has taken a moment to reflect on his various fortunes. Not only is the man sitting on five different businesses, including a Spotify-exclusive podcast and a Revolt series, but Budden's personal life has also been flourishing. The once-rapper has officially proposed to longtime girlfriend Cyn Santana, with whom he has a young son, Lexington. Congratulations to Joe Budden, who continues to rack up wins on his own terms.