Ownership is pretty much what Joe Budden was aiming for from the jump. His recent dispute with Spotify came across as a bit more dramatic than what it is but Joe Budden's been doing his thing for a minute, and he shouldn't be looked at as crazy for asking a major corporation to cut the check. The Joe Budden podcast has officially fulfilled its contractual agreements with Spotify and now, Joe declares that time "we get to have some fun." 


Joe Budden took to the 'Gram where he announced the Joe Budden Network is officially moving forward with its first non-Joe hosted production, See The Thing Is podcast. Hosted by Bridget Kelly, Mandi B and Olivia Dope, the latest podcast to launch from The Joe Budden Network will cover all of the topics that Joe, Mal and Rory probably shouldn't discuss. 

"Starting 10/6 & every Tuesday thereafter you can hear these amazing ladies talk their shit (on most dsps), not sure what they’ll say because I’m staying outta women’s business lol... But they’re bold, committed, opinionated and have a lot to say," Joe announced on his Instagram Page. 

It's an interesting move for Joe, especially if you've followed his career before podcasting. From vlogging on YouTube to launching his own network, Joe Budden is building his media empire from the ground up.