Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that's made the court of public opinion deem R. Kelly guilty, he still has a legion of supporters that are rallying behind him. Many of them do not believe the accusers or the allegations against Kelly. Those same individuals also seem to think there's a bigger conspiracy behind Kelly's trial.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images 

Apparently, Joe Budden witnessed this first hand when he was out in the streets of New Jersey. The rapper-turned-podcast host seemed shocked as he shared a video that showed a plane flying a massive banner that read, "R. Kelly Was Set Up For Monetary Gain." 

"Look at this, only in New Jersey," he said. "Are you fucking kidding me, buddy? This is what you waste your good, hard-earned money on to see? You gotta be shitting me.”

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Airplane banners have popped up a few times since Surviving R. Kelly rehashed sex crimes allegations against Kelly. In early 2019 after the docuseries debuted, many began to press Sony to drop the artist from their label. A feminist group took it a step farther by flying an airplane banner over the Sony offices which read, "RCA/SONY: Drop sexual predator R. Kelly." The message clearly reached who it needed to since days later, it was reported that RCA quietly dropped the embattled singer from their roster.

Check out Joe Budden's post below.