2 Chainz sat down with Joe Budden for an episode of "Pull Up" recorded on site at the Streets Exec studios. The rapper formerly known as Tity Boi was in a giving mood, as he shed light on his upcoming project Rap Or Go To The League.

At the 45-minute mark of the interview, Joe Budden broaches the subject of 2 Chainz highly anticipated collaboration with Lil Wayne, but now it seems it has a title: "Two-Dollar Bill" - and from the looks of it, Joe Budden has heard the unpublished demo, and confirmed it as such: "that one record is crazy.." - after which, Budden asked 2 Chainz to elaborate on his vision for the project, because as it stands, Rap Or Go To The League is not a prototypical "Trap" album as 2 Chainz would have it.

With good reason, Joe Budden wondered whether a full-on introspective would be unbecoming of a man with 2 Chainz' penchant for punchline humour. This wouldn't be the first we've heard of the highly anticipated Lil Wayne collaboration that is set to appear on the album. A couple weeks ago, 2 Chainz jumped on Instagram to announce that “ME AND MY BROTHA GOTTA ANOTHER 1 ON THE WAY," his brother being Lil Wayne, the landing pad: the imminent release of Rap Or Go To The League. Are you intrigued?