Last night was the first round of the NFL Draft which meant some of the best college football players were being selected by teams looking to improve at certain positions. One of the teams that many people had their eyes on was the New York Giants who have been dealing with a struggling Eli Manning over the last few years. Fans were hoping the team would draft the quarterback of the future, with many thinking it should be Dwayne Haskins. Instead, the Giants opted to go off the board and selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with their sixth overall pick. It was a shocking selection as many thought Jones would go later in the second round.

One of the people who was distraught over the pick was rapper and podcaster Joe Budden who is an avid Giants fan. Budden quickly took to both Instagram and Twitter to showcase his frustrations. The video below which was taken by Joe's fiancé, Cyn Santana, says all you really need to know.

"I’m stunned. You have to be f*cking kidding me," Joe Wrote on Twitter. The former Slaughterhouse rapper even made some jokes saying the Giants were the wrong New York team to take a kid from Duke which was clearly a Knicks and Zion Williamson nod.

Budden wasn't the only Giants fan who was upset over the pick, although if Jones becomes a superstar player, everyone will feel a lot better about the Giants' gamble.