Joe Budden is under fire for some comments he made in today's upcoming episode of State of the Culture. Before the show even aired, a preview of the discussion caused an uproar on social media against the Hip Hop figure. In what appears to be a heated debate with Scottie Beam, Budden condemned her opinion and her "fake women empowerment." The cause of the pop off was a tell-all book about an Instagram model's sexual relationships with several celebrities. The concept of Britanny Renner's book truly upset Joe Budden, who in turn upset some of his following.

While his point about revealing intimate details of personal relationships being unnecessary at best might be valid, Joe Budden was so hyped that he lashed out at Scottie in a personal manner by stating that she "hates men" and wants all of them in jail. The hyperbolic reaction garnered some backlash on social media.

One Twitter user threatened to jump him if ever he addressed Scottie in this manner again.

"[Joe Budden,] it's becoming clear that you are super misogynistic. Dammit man. If you scream at Scottie like that again I'm gonna round up a bunch of women to jump your ass. On camera. Please don't make me withdraw my support"

Budden responded with less passion.

"Fam knock it off…. there’s nothing misogynistic about arguing with your friend… i don’t care about your fake outrage."

Scottie Beam changed her Twitter name to "fake women empowerment" and went on a bit of a rant based on some of the hate she received from the clip as well.

The episode airs today at 5 PM ET.