The tension between Joe Budden and Charlamagne Tha God has grown over the past few months but things have been quite awry for both parties in recent days. Following Charlamagne Tha God's exchange with Kwame Brown, Budden addressed his own issues with the radio host on the latest episode of his podcast. 

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Joe went on to explain that following Charlamagne's recent comments, as well as his criticism surrounding Joe's deal with Spotify, he felt that Charlamagne Tha God was making a concerted effort to "devalue" him. "I got on Charlamagne because he appeared to go out of his way to devalue me. One of the most prominent voices in this media thing—that one instance it appeared I was down—used all of his platforms and all of his might to continue to push the narrative that… Joe fucked it up," he said.

Joe said that he's only discussing Charlamagne's comments because of the resurfaced sexual assault allegations brought up by Kwame Brown. Budden claimed Charlamagne has been shading him as early as 2010. The former rapper then suggested that Charlamagne doesn't necessarily live by the words that he preaches in terms of mental health awareness.

"If you a mental health guy, you didn’t know that fucking bombarding this man’s whole family on the radio would be a mental health thing? Tell me you didn’t,” he said. “If you big on mental health, be big on it at all times. … I’m no longer talking to Charlamagne, I’m talking about as a whole. I just see a lot of it."

Later on in the episode, Joe Budden also responds to Logic's recent mockery of "Pump It Up."

Check out the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast below. Joe talks Charlamagne around the 36-minute mark.