None as one of the most active names in hip hop on Twitter, Joe Budden never shies away from tweeting his candid thoughts and photos to fans.  Last night, Budden took to Twitter to see who was talking about his show that night and found one girl who was blasting him.  The Slaughterhouse member was none too impressed and had security find the girl and remove her before the show. 

The non-Budden fan, known as Paige S, had tweeted how she was only going to accompany a friend and didn’t care for Joey’s music.  She even took a photo of NoDoz and said tweeted “for the Budden concert tonight.”  Budds saw these tweets and contacted security at the Oakland venue, who then escorted the female out. 

She later tweeted about the ejection, “So Joe Budden kicked me out of his concert lmao...for my nodoz comment...So were upstairs in the VIP no the security comes up and asks if I’m Paige...I say yes, and they say, Joe Budden wants you out.” 

Twitter has been fantastic for connecting fans and artists, and Joey B is very active on the social media tool, but did he go too far?

[Via HHWired]