While Joe Budden works on his delayed solo album No Love Lost, he also multi-tasks on the VH1 TV show "Love & Hip-Hop." The third season of the show aired last night, and this morning Budden hit up The Breakfast Club on Power 105 to discuss the show and his past relationships.

When asked if the scenes on the reality TV show are scripted, Joe Budden says none of his are. "None of my scenes. All mines were authentic like a mugg'. They just got serve you all the alcohol in the universe at 8 a.m. and they gon' put you were they gon' put you and you gon' behave like you behave. See I don't drink," Joe said. However he was questioned about his "extensive" use of molly this past summer, and whether or not he had relapsed. 

"We popped 'em all summer. I stopped." When asked about why he stopped he said it was due to a bunch of incidents, "Well I had a bunch of bad incidents. My brain just operates differently on drugs. It was definitely a relapse. But I mean, me and Raqi did a lot of drugs together." He said, touching on his relationship with Raqi. "It's easy to fall in love with people when you're doing drugs." Joe clarified, "No, I'm of the belief that Raqi is in love with me."

Watch Joe Budden's full interview on Power 105 below. He talks more about the show and his relationships with Raqi and ex-girlfriend Tahiry.