Joe Budden sees similarities between Andrew Schulz's recent comments about his Spotify deal to Charlamagne's claim that he had asked for 30% of Complex amid Everyday Struggle negotiation. On the latest episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, Joe addressed the comments Andrew Schulz made on Flagrant 2 Podcast when speaking on the recent ordeal with Spotfy. Schulz had said that he heard from a trustworthy source that Joe requested $250M for his deal but the former Slaughterhouse member put those rumors to rest quickly.

As Joe delivered his analysis of Charlamagne Tha God's new deal with iHeartRadio, he began to take aim at The Breakfast Club personality's co-host on The Brilliant Idiots before diving into this alleged $250M proposal. The former MC added that this number wasn't true at all before taking aim at Schulz. "White man that's only here on the back of a Black king. You need to shut the fuck up," Joe said. 

"The $250M we allegedly asked for from Spotify. It sounds eerily familiar to Charlamagne tellin' me that I asked for 30% of Complex when I left there," Joe said. "Aye, that's not true," he continued in response to Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh mocking him on their recent podcast.

"Let's pretend that Joe asked for $250M. Who the fuck is this White dude and this Indian dude sitting in these chairs that get to discuss me?" Joe added.

Check out the episode below.