Joe Budden is accomplishing a lot today. Not only is he dropping his new album No Love Lost, he's also confronting Consequence on some remarks he made in interviews recently.

Consequence has been getting a lot of flack for running his mouth recently, but this time he was confronted in person. Hot 97 conveniently set up back-to-back interviews with Cons and Joe, and conveniently kept the cameras rolling during intermission when the two butted heads. Cons had made some remarks about Joe in the same Breakfast Club interview he went at Kanye, and Joe took the oppurtunity to call him out on it.

"If either one of y'all got something y'all want to address toward me, we can do it now." said Joe. While Cons tried to play it off like the comments were all to do with the radio show's tendency to create controversy, Budden felt that the Queens rapper had jumped at the opportunity to send some hate towards him. "It's radio's job to gas, and you jumped right for the gas," said the Slaughterhouse rapper.

The majority of the conversation came from Consequence who did a good job of back-peddling out of the situation. Time will tell if the dialogue will squash the beef between the two rappers.

View the full video below.