Joe Budden made headlines this past weekend when he said that he hated "everything about" Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's highly-publicized relationship. Given the chance to clarify and backtrack a bit on Hot 97 the other day, Joe obliged, sounding much cooler-headed this time around. 

When asked by Ebro why he villainized the relationship, Budden replied, "First of all, if there's anyone that's for love in the community and to your significant other, it would be me." He went on, suggesting that the medium that carried the message (his podcast) is not the best source for headlines:

"This is what happens on podcasts. You half-heartedly speak on things that might be a hot topic...So the awards came on and the camera guys just showed a lot of shots of Meek blissfully smiling in love. I thought it was we joked about it on the podcast. I didn't think it was possible to take it as a serious sentiment. I was talking about lightskin men versus darkskin men. I didn't think anyone with half a brain would take those comments seriously."

Listen to the full interview below.