Joe Budden has released four diss tracks in response to a few Drake subliminals. Today, two kids learned not to mess with him in real life. They spotted the veteran rapper in his car about to pull out of his own driveway. They ended up getting some close-up footage of Budden on Snapchat, though they're lucky to not be in the hospital right now. They make it all the way to Budden's driveway, and once one of the kids gets next to his car, Budden leaps out of the front seat and yells, "What are y'all fuckin' crazy?" The clip then cuts out, though it looks like Budden was about to launch into a deadly attack. 

Somehow, the social media savages manage to run back into their car and start filming again. As they attempt to flee the scene, they soon notice Budden's car coming after them at breakneck speed. Budden proceeds to gain ground, and he eventually speeds ahead, swerves in front of them, and gets out of the car. All of a sudden, his face appears above the sunroof. What a terrifying sight it must've been. 

It so happens that Budden was also filming during the chase. "I keep saying these lil Internet games gon' get one of you n*ggas killed," he says while driving. He leaves the phone in the car after he pulls in front of the reckless kids, but one can hear loud and clear all that he has to say to them. "Come on my fucking block again, I'm gonna kill one of you lil n*ggas," he says while screams erupt from the backseat.

Though in sheer terror, one of the guys in the backseat keeps on filming, and Budden's ambush is even more alarming from his point of view. One can hear him banging a harsh object against the roof of the car, and once he starts striking the windows, he reveals his fists to be full of sharp rocks. Budden sees that he's still being recorded, prompting him to lay down a stern reality check: "This is not the Internet. I will kill one of you." Amazingly enough, one kid still has the nerve to tell Budden to follow him on Twitter as he's walking back to his car. 

As was their goal, the boys got some viral footage out of the incident, though it resulted in some costly damage to their vehicle. Whether they regret pulling up on Budden or not, it is strongly advised that they don't try to do so again.