If you remember back on New Years Day, Joe Budden announced that he was teaming up with Diddy & Revolt TV for a new show following his highly publicized departure from Everyday Struggle, and now we finally know when that’ll be airing. On Tuesday night, Joe delivered an elaborate promo clip where he gave a “state of the culture” speech addressing the upcoming show & today’s day in age in hip-hop. In the process, the show's premiere date was also revealed as well, and we’re just weeks away.

Joe doesn't officially announce the premiere date in the speech, but it is revealed in the video’s description that it’s premiering September 10th with an exclusive TV special episode dropping the day after on September 11th as well. "State of the Culture will feature raw, unfiltered, and informative debates and interviews where Joe Budden digs deep with prominent celebrities, artists, and personalities," they added in there.

“My fellow Americans. My fellow citizens. We are gathered here today for the state of the culture. A culture I love. A culture I respect. A culture that defines us. In this digital age there’s an endless need of information. It is more important now than ever before. With more information comes more understanding, more acceptance, more unification. Information is the key to unlocking our differences,” Joe says in his speech. “We are here to bridge the gap from the streets to the board rooms, between trap house & penthouse. From the young lil’s to the older OG’s. Hip-hop is the commonality. It is the language we use to speak one another, and thats why I come forth today to decode the culture.”

Later in the clip, Joe answers questions from the crowd, replying to why he went with Revolt TV by saying “because Revolt is the shit!” When asked if he prefers singing Drake or rapping Drake, Joe replied “When I wanna hear some tunes, Im gonna go with singing Drake.”

Check out Joe’s “State of the Culture” address (below) and set yours DVRs now for September 10th.