The discourse immediately kicks off with a healthy dose of ball-busting, when T-Pain marvels at the fact that Pull Up has only been going on for a mere seven episodes. Citing each installment's lengthy run-time, T-Pain quips "these are way too long then." Joe comes back with the repartee, saying "I only do this with n***as I really care about." His kind words leave T-Pain appears somewhat convinced, if a little skeptical. 

In all seriousness, T-Pain is legitimately one of the game's most insightful and entertaining artists, and never fails to entertain. Eloquent, observational, and experienced, few can match the wisdom of Teddy Pendergrass, whether he be analyzing pitfalls of young artists, or merely looking back on his own reign. Leave it to Joe to get him going, and rest assured, this one plays out like a conversation between two old friends. 

For those missing their Budden fix since his Everyday Struggle departure, Pull Up remains a solid, albeit uncommon treat. Paired with his weekly episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the man continues to make his mark as one of the most entertaining media personalities in a minute. Even if the hour-and-a-half runtime leaves you on the fence, consider peeping the banter for a moment or two; the jokes are flying, especially once the pair begin breaking down T-Pain's tempo choices around the 38 minute mark.