In the wake of a recent revelation on The Joe Budden Podcast, whereupon Pusha T accused 40 of having loose lips, Budden made sure to revisit the topic on his other series, State Of The Culture. Joined by co-hosts Scottie, Jinx, and Remy Ma, Joe Budden, looking like The Undertaker circa 1999, wastes little time in steering the conversation into familiar territory: Pusha T vs. Drake.

Seeing as the most recent development came to light on his very own podcast, it feels like Joe has somehow managed to insert himself into the feud, subconsciously riding for Team Pusha. On State Of The Culture, however, Joe takes a moment to revisit Drake's own appearance on The Shop, in order to preserve a semblance of neutrality. Eventually, Pusha's revelation that 40 was indeed the inadvertent snitch came to light. 

"You need to come and tell your mans about your pillow talking when your mans is the mascot for pillow talking," says Budden. Upon asking whether his co-host Jinx believes Push, Jinx admits that he does. "Why do we just always believe Push?" ponders Budden, before admitting that 40's lady friend in question was indeed going in on social media. "She didn't corroborate the story, but she sounded emotional enough for me to believe what Pusha's saying," says Budden. 

Remy Ma offers her perspective, claiming that Drake shouldn't be so quick to throw 40 under the bus. "You get a little pass cause there was a middleman there," she says, "but as a friend, I don't think Drake should feel like [40 violated him]." Budden jokes that Drake has no choice but to forgive 40, seeing as the man "produced his entire career." "He can have an issue, but n***a you want beats!??!" Remy swiftly concludes that Joe Budden pillow talks, a fact that he neither confirms nor denies.

Peep the entire episode below. Drake and Pusha discussion kicks off at the 1:50 mark.