It's being rumoured that Joe Budden and Cyn Santana may have staged their own break-up to boost Love & Hip-Hop ratings but both sides are going so far into the subliminal messages that we can't help but believe their split is legit. Joe and Cyn have not specified why they decided to call off their engagement but it is widely speculated that one party was unfaithful. People assume that Budden is the one who cheated but if you look into his most recent tweets, it makes it feel as though he's telling a different story.

Today, both Cyn Santana and her former fiancé tweeted out some messages that people aren't sure how to process. Budden is always pretty active on social media but today, he decided to write a PSA about "hoeing," telling everyone that it's a totally normal practice. "Not sure who needs to hear this but you don’t need an excuse or justification to hoe.... you can just hoe," he wrote. As you would expect, the majority of people replying are bringing up Cyn Santana in their responses. As for her, she actually chimed in on the topic herself on her own page. "Homebodies get cheated on too sis. Take ya stupid ass outside this summer," she said. Her comments are full of fans telling her to keep that kind of information to herself.

What do you make of these two tweets? Are they subbing each other or are these completely unrelated? Also, do you think their split is being staged by Mona Scott?